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Patio Furniture Is Very Personal

We don’t actually have what one might call a patio, it is actually an enclosed back deck. When we bought our home we fell in love with it, especially because it had a spa. We have managed to maintain the wood in excellent condition and have had a number of lesser quality patio sets over the years.  Now that it was time for a new set, my husband and I discovered just how personal a set can really be.

When our son was young we didn’t buy anything nice for the back deck because he and his friends hung out there and typically there was always something that was spilled, broken or ripped. Now that he had moved out of the house, it was our time to enjoy the back deck and I decided that I wanted a circular rattan look sectional with gorgeous red pillows. My husband, however, had other ideas and began telling me the advantages of an L-shaped set with lighter colored pillows that would contrast the wood.

I was quite surprised that he took an interest in the type of patio furniture we would have, but since he had plans of having his friends over for barbecues that would now not be interrupted with yelling kids, I figured he had a right to make his own choices as well. After much discussion, I made my case for choosing the set I wanted and he basically let me know that he just didn’t like it.  My reason for a circular set was that it would be comfier. It had a glass table in the center and we could sit around and talk. His reason was that the L-shape was more spread out and he and everyone in attendance could talk while he was barbecuing in a more open setting.

Marriage is all about concessions and continues that way throughout life. We have concessions about various duties that we have around the house and each one gives 150% to the efforts. One of the things that my husband was not really good at was cleaning. So when I looked at his L-shaped patio set and saw that the cushions he insisted on were white, I reminded him that if we got the set, he would be responsible for keeping it clean.  The next week, we ordered the circular set with the red cushions.

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